Even with the Russian Adoption Ban
You Can Still Help Russian Orphans Find Families!

The US adoption ban enacted by President Putin in Russia in December has devastated the American families who were in the process of adopting, as well as the children they were trying to adopt.  However, there is still hope for Russian orphans!  Christians in Russia are adopting like never before!

Here are a few practical ways you can support national adoption in Russia and provide families for orphans:


Your prayers can make the difference in the life of a child!  
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The Crisis: An Orphan Nation

There are currently 163 million
orphan children in the world.

If they were counted as a single nation,
it would be the seventh largest country in the world.

A Home for Every Orphan provides a passport
out of this orphan nation and into a loving family.


The Hope: A Loving Family

Imagine an orphan experencing
the love of christ for the first time.

Imagine him experiencing that love
in a national Christian family.

Around the world, God is moving in the hearts of believers on behalf of the orphan. In Russia and Ukraine, we are seeing believers bring orphans into their families at an unprecedented rate.

Will you join us in supporting these families?

The Solution: Your Prayers!

We believe that God hears our prayers and is actively involved in answering them!

Your prayers can make the difference in the life of a child!  

Read testimonies of orphans receiving families as the result of the prayers of people like you.  

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