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Join Aida and Anush as they pray for orphans in Nepal
Five hundred children from churches in Nepal are uniting in prayer on April 13 to pray that orphans in their country will find Christian homes and also come to know their Heavenly Father. Please take a moment to pray right now in agreement with these 500 children for the orphans of Nepal and pray for the leaders who are taking steps of faith for the sake of these precious children.We are so encouraged to see hearts in Nepal aligning with the heart of our Heavenly Father to help orphans to be brought into families. Just a few months ago in January 2014 a World Without Orphans Leadership Summit and Vision Casting was held in Kathmandu, Nepal. From that gathering 85 Nepali Christian leaders have embraced a ten year plan for a Nepal Without Orphans and the prayer movement is starting to build.
Please pray with us for these three beautiful, sweet girls! Their biggest dream is to be adopted so they would have a loving mom and dad. Luba is a happy and kind girl who desires the best for those around her. She is very helpful and enjoys taking care of heryoungersisters. Luba is in the 5th grade and she likes to ride her bike and to roller-skate. Zhenya is five years old and she is such a dreamer and walks around with her head in the clouds. :-) She needs a lot of attention and loves to spend time with adults. Zhenya likes to draw, put together puzzles, and play with her dolls. Oksana is the youngest sister at four years old. She is a fun and active...
Valera is very quiet teenager. He doesn’t like to hang around noisy company and he prefers to spend quality time with people he trusts. Valera enjoys sports and spends time outside and playing soccer. There are times Valeria openly shows his emotions and he has been very worried about his future. Valera does keep in touch with his father; however, the father is unable to take care of him. Valera will go to college Summer 2014 and he needs a family who will love and support him during that journey. Would you take a moment today to pray: 1) For Valera to come to know and experience the Father's love for him through Christ 2) For God's perfect setup for Valera and a family ... God makes the best matches! 3) For peace and grace for Valera in all things.
Beautiful and gentle Kamila has a fun and creative personality. She is always singing and enjoys participating in creative arts and theater. She also likes to sew and is developing an eye for designing clothes. Currently Kamila is in 6th grade at school. She has been struggling to overcome some setbacks in her studies because of the many times she skipped school while living with her mother who was afflicted with some mental issues. It would seem that Kamila’s destiny is hanging in the balance and not clearly defined. She has a desire to go back to live with her biological mother; but, that may be very unlikely. Still, Kamila has a deep yearning to be in a family....
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At the present time, 163 million children in our world are orphans. If these children were counted as a single nation, they would compose the seventh largest nation on earth. Join us in praying that God provides a home for each of these precious little ones who long for a loving family!  

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